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Monday, May 22, 2017

Alwyn was recently surveyed for our continued accredittion

We were able to achieve a “Satisfactorily Met” rating against all the core items in standard 1,2 and 3 of the National Safety and Quality Health Service standards. 

Further, we were able to achieve 8 items that were deemed “Met with Merit." This is an outstanding achievement and represents Alwyn’s continued commitment to quality improvement. These were in the following areas:

Action Item
1.8.3 - Systems exist to escalate the level of care when there is an unexpected deterioration in health status.  2.1.1 - Consumers and/or carers are involved in the governance of the health service organisation.   
2.2.1 - The health service organisation establishes mechanisms for engaging consumers and/or carers in the strategic and/or operational planning for the organisation.   
2.8.1 - Consumers and/or carers participate in the analysis of organisational safety and quality performance.   
3.14.1 - An antimicrobial stewardship program is in place.   
3.14.2 - The clinical workforce prescribing antimicrobials have access to current endorsed therapeutic guidelines on antibiotic usage.   
3.14.3 - Monitoring of antimicrobial usage and resistance is undertaken.   
3.14.4 - Action is taken to improve the effectiveness of antimicrobial stewardship.   
Congratulations to all the hard working team at Alwyn for such a fantastic result.

News & Events

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