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Patient's Rights

Helping you to a speedy recovery.

You have the right to:

  • Considerate and respectful care at all times.
  • Personal and informational privacy.
  • Receive from your doctor, a clear concise explanation in non-medical terms of your condition, problem or disease.
  • Receive a clear explanation of any procedure or treatment to be carried out, including an outline of any associated risks, possible after effects, side effects or adverse outcomes.
  • To seek a second opinion.
  • To access your medical record in accordance with the hospital policy and relevant legislation.
  • To access quality health personnel and to know the identity and professional status of individuals providing your care / treatment.
  • To expect reasonable safety in so far as the practices and environment are concerned.
  • To contact a friend, relative, solicitor, clergy with whom you may wish to discuss a problem.
  • To express an opinion or complaint and to be informed of the facility's mechanism for the investigation, review and resolution of complaints.
  • To leave the hospital at any time. If you do so without hospital consent, you will be responsible for any injury or illness caused or aggravated by your action.
  • To effective discharge planning that will ensure continuing, appropriate health care that you require.
  • To have details of your condition and treatment kept confidential by medical and hospital staff, unless the law requires such information.
  • Your consent is required before any treatment begins. You may then withdraw your consent and refuse further treatment at any time.

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