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Self Administration of Medication

Support and care.

We want to give you the chance to be as independent as you can be, therefore we have a self-medication program that will assist you to take your own pills while you are with us. Why is it important to participate in this program?

  • To give you back some control
  • To allow you to ask questions about your medications
  • To learn how to safely take your pills whilst in hospital
  • To teach you about new pills and your old ones

Most importantly, it is to make sure that when you leave this hospital you can safely take your pills by yourself. Initially only those you take on a regular basis will be given to you to administer. Medications that you normally take for pain relief will be given out by the nurse. The hospital is a great place to learn.

Your responsibilities

  • You must take your medication as prescribed
  • You must maintain safe keeping of your medications
  • You must keep your locked drawer key safe
  • You must return the key to the nurse prior to discharge.

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